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This is the very first of 20 new hawker centres which the Singapore Government has pledged to build. Ci Yuan Hawker Centre’s managing agent is a social enterprise subsidiary of the Fei Siong Group. There are 40 cooked food stalls and the hawker centre has a seating capacity of about 640. The managing agent will operate a section of the hawker centre on a 24 hours’ basis.

Under the new alternative management model of hawker centre, Ci Yuan Hawker Centre will be managed on a “not-for-profit” basis. The managing agent has injected new ideas and brought in their wealth of expertise in food and beverage operations so as to diversify food options and thereby enhancing the consumer’s dining experience at Ci Yuan Hawker Centre.

The managing agent will operate 20 stalls that will help keep food prices competitive and affordable through benchmark pricing for the other stalls in the hawker centre.

As a social enterprise, the managing agent has launched a “Entrepreneurship Programme” with the objectives of encouraging local entrepreneurs and providing them with a chance to operate their own cooked food stalls and to preserve our local traditional hawker food heritage. This programme will match aspiring hawkers who lack capital and “know-how” with the older generation of hawkers who are unable to continue with their trade.

At Ci Yuan Hawker Centre food options range from local favourites like chicken rice and fried hokkien mee to international food items like Shanghainese “guo tie” and “xiao long pau”, western food fare as well as Japanese cuisine. Other than stalls selling beverages, you will not find more than 1 stall selling the same or similar food items.

The managing agent has also made good use of technological innovations to manage the hawker centre. At Ci Yuan Hawker Centre, you will find at each of the 40 stalls a bright red self payment kiosk which allows the customer to make self-payment and, at a later stage, to make their food orders through the kiosk as well. It is the first local food establishment to have such a self payment kiosk at every stall. Hawkers do not have to touch or collect money and can focus on food preparation thereby enhancing their productivity. There is also a reduction in manpower cost.

The managing agent is also looking to introduce a BioHitech Eco-Safe Digester, an equipment which converts food waste into non potable water. With this machine, the hawker centre can dispense with the labour for handling and dealing with food waste. Any organic food waste placed into the digester will be broken down into non potable water which can be safely discharged into the sewer system or used for general cleaning purpose.

Ci Yuan Hawker Centre is a showcase of the new alternative management model of hawker centre. The managing agent operates the hawker centre using new ideas and innovative technological know-how so as to provide the general public with affordable meals and diversified food options in a hygienic and pleasant dining setting and at the same time keeping Ci Yuan Hawker Centre modern, vibrant and eco-friendly.

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